Our laser focus on workers’ compensation means a dedicated service team will work closely with you throughout the policy term helping to reduce and mitigate employee injuries. All team members are Atlantic Charter Insurance Company employees and not third party vendors.

  • Safety & Health Consultation

    Reduced Injury

    Our safety and health professionals take an advisory approach to working with your company. We will give you the support and guidance you will need to reduce the frequency and severity of occupational injuries within your organization.

    The process begins with a review of your current safety policies and procedures, including a survey of any operational risks, and continues with an action plan, designed to provide you with ongoing assistance throughout the year. We will help you to identify, evaluate, and control sources of loss by focusing on claim and accident trends, allowing for continuous improvement.

  • Claims Management

    Early claims closure and lower claims costs.

    Unlike most insurance carriers, Atlantic Charter Insurance Company's claims specialists are experienced in loss control and loss prevention techniques, as well as claims management.

    Claims specialists provide ongoing and in-depth communication throughout the life of a claim, including frequent updates concerning medical status, legal status, and reserve information. We will train and educate your department managers and supervisors on proper accident investigation and reporting practices. Claims specialists also offer periodic meetings with your management team to review potential claims issues and suggest appropriate loss control measures.

  • Case Management

    Reduced loss time injuries.

    Atlantic Charter Insurance Company’s case managers are registered nurses who work closely in support of claims specialists. From creating and managing a preferred provider relationship, to overseeing the medical treatment and recovery of seriously injured workers, the case manager’s goal is to return the injured employee back to work in a safe and timely manner. Case managers also collaborate in planning and implementing early return-to-work programs in an effort to minimize the duration of lost time injuries.

  • Attorneys are motivated by a cost-effective means of resolving a claim, rather than lengthy litigation.

    Most insurance companies outsource their legal services. At Atlantic Charter Insurance Company, our affiliated law firm renders all legal services. Since Atlantic Charter Insurance Company is the only client of the law firm, attorneys are uniquely qualified to provide you with advice and counsel for your workers’ compensation issues.

    We believe workers’ compensation issues can only be dealt with effectively through a knowledge of today’s other employment-related matters. Some valued-added services include a review of your hiring practices and employment application, as well as job descriptions, employee handbook, and interview procedures.

    Our attorneys also offer early and prompt consultation prior to any workers’ compensation litigation. Communicating regularly with our in-house claims specialists, our attorneys are fully prepared for each level of litigation before the Department of Industrial Accidents, keeping you informed of the status of each case.