Wholesalers & Distributors

Many warehouse operations have round-the-clock activity, making it a challenge to ensure that employees are constantly following safe work practices.

  • Large Produce Distributor

    The Challenge

    Our client’s busy warehouse made it a challenge to ensure that forklift and powered pallet jack operators were constantly following safe work practices. In an effort to mitigate any significant losses, we conducted comprehensive quarterly training sessions for all warehouse workers emphasizing safe work rules and procedures.

    The Result

    Since implementing these training meetings two years ago, there have been zero reported claims in the warehouse.

  • Merrimack Valley Distributing Company

    We have been continuously insured with Atlantic Charter since 2002. As a fourth generation family service business, Merrimack understands the importance of a complete commitment to service and we see this same level of commitment from Atlantic Charter. Our industry involves frequent lifting of heavier weights, and despite a very active safety committee and ongoing loss control services provided by Atlantic Charter, our experience varies from year to year. Atlantic Charter’s commitment goes beyond underwriting and loss control, with a dedicated claims expert working aggressively to make sure our employees receive the care and services they deserve. Our employees are an extension of our family and with Atlantic Charter supporting our efforts and helping control our Workers’ Compensation costs, we know our employees are treated fairly and our company is receiving service similar to that which we provide.
    Richard Tatelman, President
  • Costa Fruit & Produce Company

    When we contracted with Atlantic Charter, we were immediately impressed with their high level of involvement in determining both our immediate and long-term challenges and business needs. They are thorough, pragmatic, and yet provocative enough to analyze what we needed, both operationally and financially.
    Brad Woodgate